About the Artist



Joan Graven-Miller


Cleveland State University - Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art

University of Dayton - Master of Science in Education

Artist Bio:

Joan was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Fairview Park, Ohio.
After graduating from Cleveland State University,
she moved to Dayton, Ohio
 where she now resides with her husband and the rest of Miller’s Zoo.
Their home has been affectionately named Miller’s Zoo by friends
and students because of the different creatures you will find there
during the year. Joan is a Visual Arts educator, and in her spare time
she rehabilitates wildlife, is involved with fundraising for various
animal charities, is an active photographer, and jewelry creator.
Joan has also been a marine aquarist for over 12 years and a freshwater
aquarist for over 30 years. Joan enjoys spending time in Florida
in the summer where she gains inspiration from the ocean for
her artwork and her life.